What are the differences between the Crucible book and movie?

I have to write a report on the differences between the play and the movie and i have not read the play at all
Both the origin and ending are completely different. Also, in the movie there be some added scenes- one was Abigail and John Proctor in the forest before she stabbed herself next to the needle. There were a lot of court scene in the movie that were not shown, only mentioned, surrounded by the movie. Another thing is the settings- in the play, every scene is set indoors. In the movie, there are lots of outdoor scene.

In the play, we never actually experience Tituba and the girls dancing in the forest, we merely hear in the order of it later, in the movie it is the opening scene. The scene be likely added for dramatic effect, and foreshadowing. There is a downpour of rain in several of the scene directly before the trials began. There were more girls contained by Abigail's group in the movie, than had been within the play.

In the play, Hale's wife is not mentioned. Hale's wife was mentioned in the movie. Abigail accuse Hale's wife of being a witch. In the movie, Abigail was seen stealing money from Parris.

In the movie, Abigail visit John Proctor while he's in jail for witchcraft. Abigail had a plan to back him get out of jail. He refuses to escape incarcerate to be with her. In the play, Abigail never visited John Proctor.

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