What does the arena look similar to within catching fire by suzanne collins?

I'm doing a book report on Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (awesome book btw and loved the hunger games!), but I can't quite figure out how to draw the area... it would really facilitate if someone could describe it in detail for me. thanks.
The way I picture it (and am currently working on drawing at the moment. :P), is unsophisticatedly as a big clock, divided into 12 sections, such as an actual clock would be. In the center of the clock, there's an island with the cornucopia on it. Radiating from the center are 12 spokes, each near two branches coming off of it (one branch for each tribute). Around all to be exact water. Then past the water are the islands. So deeply, a large circle, with two smaller circles inside of it. Now that's ONE way I see it; but sometimes, unmistaken things in the book make me see it another way.

That is, it's still one massive circle like a clock, but towards the bottom (9 and 3 down), there's a beach coming off of the basic island. Part of the main island sticks out, holding the cornucopia. Again, branching off from the cornucopia are 12 sand bars/platforms, with 24 platforms for the tributes.

Now, I see problems near both my ideas. With the first, Katniss describes it as standing on a platform (in the beginning) with water stretching rotten into the distance, so it couldn't really be in the center of the island. But then later within the book, when the cornucopia spins and they can't tell which section they're facing, well....so as you can see, it's pretty confusing. Maybe Suzanne will actually show us a rough sketch of what she imagined it to look like someday. ;)

Other than that, the arena is mainly dense jungle, beside some beachy areas. Towards the top of the clock (By 11, 12, 1, etc), there's a forefield surrounding it, and the elevation is higher. I'll see if I can remember what the different sections are...

12 to 1 is the lightning storm
1 to 2 is the blood rain
2 to 3 is the poisonous fog
3 to 4 is the monkeys
4 to 5 is the screaming jabberjays
6 to 7 is the monster (never revealed what it actually is)
10 to 11 is the tidal wave
and 11 to 12 is the clicking insects/beetles (again, never revealed).

As for the others they were never mentioned/figured out (unless I missed something)

Hope this help. ^^

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