Oedipus rex question?

1. After Oedipus accuses Creon, what is the function of the dialogue between Jocasta and the Choragos?
2. Compare Oedipus' version of his oracle with the oracle given Jocasta and Laios almost their son. Why does Sophocles reveal Both Oracles in the same episode?
3. Attempt to find a point in scene 2 when four characters converse together.
4. In the final scene, why is it important to establish the trustworthiness of the shepherd? Who attests his trustworthiness? How is this in keeping with previous scene?
5. Discuss the effect of stichomythic dialogue between Oedipus and the shepherd.
6. At the end of scene 4, what apostrophe does Oedipus utter as he prepares to enter the palace? Why is "light" capitalized? What does Light symbolize at this point? What might that apostrophe directed to Light foreshadow for the Exodos of the play?
7. Explain scene 4 as the anagnorisis of the play.
8. Of what symbolic significance is the discussion of light and dark descriptions in ode 4? Why are day and night mentioned together? Why are reverie and blindness juxtaposed? Why are waking and sleeping juxtaposed?
9. What major contrast in the predicament of Oedipus does the chorus articulate within ode 4? What support does this situation provide for the Greek belief in the GOLDEN MEAN?
10. Label the following examples verbal, situational, or dramatic irony.
-As opening of scene 1, Oedipus states "Until very soon I was a stranger to this tale, as I had be a stranger to the crime."
-In scene 3 the messenger from Corinth calls himself Oedipus' savior.
-At the end of scene 3 Oedipus asks "How could I wish that I be someone else? How could i be glad to know my birth?
-Find 2 more examples.
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